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What patients first notice when they come into our practice is the thoughtfulness of our office design. With beautiful calming cool colors, amazingly comfortable chairs and a stress-reducing architectural layout, we have thought of nearly every way to help put our patients at ease. Being sweet is welcoming each and every patient of ours with a genuine smile and speaking with a tone that lets them know they are the most important piece to our practice, our patient. As our patients move through our practice and enter our operatories they see that we have done a lot of research and working with architects, interior designers, and ergonomic specialists, we have created a stress-free bubble in a sometimes stressful environment. From the moment you enter our practice until you exit our door, we strive to provide you with the sweetest dental experience.

  • Dr. Dan Hoang, D.D.S.


    Originally from Louisiana, Dr. Hoang decided to take his southern charm to Minnesota at the age of 3.  Here in Anoka County he has been a Flyer, a Graywolf, a Falcon, and a Cardinal.  He then went on to graduate with high honors from the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul with a degree in Biology.  Due to his great rowing abilities he developed while being a member of UST Crew, he was able to then journey across the river to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

    After graduation, Dr. Hoang practed in a private practice setting for nearly 4 years in Coon Rapids and at the Center of Smile Enhancement in Minnetonka. In 2015, Dr. Hoang and wife founded Sweet Tooth Dentistry to fulfill their dream of serving their family, friends and neighbors in their hometown. Dr. Hoang truly enjoys dentistry with a passion.  No matter how intimidating the situation (he did his first crown on his now mother-in-law) or rewarding the task (he served in Team Smile providing free dental care for underserved children in association with the Minnesota Twins), he adamantly states dentistry is the greatest career, ever.  Dr. Hoang believes that dentistry is a unique blend of skill, art and fun. To be a great dentist you must embody all of the aspects to make great impressions on people and then make great smiles for people.

    As a member of the American Dental Association, the Minnesota Dental Association, the Minneapolis District Dental Society, and the Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society, Dr. Hoang is dedicated to providing comprehensive oral care to people of all ages and walks of life.  He appreciates the chance to be the touch of sweetness as the partner in your family’s oral health.

    In his spare time, Dr. Hoang enjoys many sports and testing his skills on many musical instruments. However, most of his time is enjoyed by being with his wife Karmin and their two lovely daughters.

    Hobbies and Interests:

    • Snuggling Grantleigh & Gwyneth
    • Reading dental magazines
    • Cosmetic dentistry
    • Dental gadgets
    • Road biking
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Collecting socks (His collection is a two laundry load problem)

    If He Was Not a Dentist:

    • Science professor or astronaut

    Proudest Achievements:

    • Grantleigh & Gwyneth
    • Marrying Karmin
    • Winning the 7th grade National Math Olympiads for Anoka Hennepin District 11: It was his first and favorite trophy ever!
  • Sarah, L.D.A.

    Dental Assistant

  • Meighan, R.D.H


  • Sunni, R.D.H


  • Courtney

    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Ashley

    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Karmin

    Patient Care Coordinator / Marketing and Brand Strategist

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